Protecting Integrity and Provenance of Research Data.

Open Science Chain utilizes distributed ledger technology (consortium blockchain) to securely store information about scientific data including its provenance to enable independent verification of its authenticity to establish trust in the research community.

Open Science Chain Blockchain Platform

OSC Blockchain Platform

Proof of Existence 
Provide immutable proof of existence of research datasets at a given point in time by storing unique identifiers of the data and ownership information on the blockchain.

Provenance Tracking
Promote transparency and traceability of research data by tracking and storing all changes made to data on the blockchain.


Open Science Chain Portal

OSC Portal

Data Verification & Validation
Independent verification of the authenticity of scientific data using information stored in the OSC blockchain. Search, view and validate scientific datasets including lineage information.

Research Workflows
Create "research workflows" linking one or more entries in the OSC blockchain and other repositories like GitHub, documenting an auditable record of the data workflow process behind the research hypothesis.