Register your Data with Open Science Chain

This step-by-step guide details how to register your data or data collection in the Open Science Chain platform.

1. Navigate to the Open Science Chain (OSC) portal at

2. If you haven’t already, login to the portal (top right). OSC utilizes the CILogon federated identity for user authentication.

3. Once logged in, click on the Contribute menu and then Data in the drop down. This will bring up the data registration interfaces that will guide users through the data registration process.
* Learn the difference between contributing data and a research workflow on the FAQ page.

4. The first step in this process (“Select folders or files”) allows you to select the data file(s) or an entire directory of files to register with OSC. Users can drag/drop the files directly to the browser or use the upload buttons to select the files.

Screenshot for "Select folders or files" input

5. Ones the files are selected, OSC will calculate the SHA 256 checksum of the files and display them below.
* Note that this is done on the client side browser and there is no data uploaded to the OSC servers.

6. Once you have selected all your data files, click on next to proceed to the next step in the process (“Define required metadata”). Users can fill in basic metadata information about one or more aspects of the data. This helps other users in not just finding the data but also in providing context to it.

7. Once you have completed the metadata information, proceed to the final stage of the data contribution process (“Review and save”). Users can verify the information provides before the final step of saving to the OSC blockchain.

8. Once the data is saved in the OSC blockchain, users will be provided with a unique OSC identifier associated with the data that can be shared with other users.